It's Okay To Not Be Okay

And so comes to an end my semester long exploration outside of education, and I'm using education in the loosest of ways, as I feel I've learned more in these 8 months than I have in 2 and a half years of university attendance.

I'm feeling nauseous, stressed, excited, and countless adjectives to try to pin down a sensation that resembles restlessness, but also total inertia.

It might be the fact that I have a week to sum up my summer “vacation” into a presentation for my peers in a language that I am not yet comfortable expressing myself in.

It might be the fact that a strange woman moved into the house and proceeded to violate everyone's personal space in under an hour.

It might be the fact that I think I'm falling in love with bright eyes that reside forever away from me.

It might be the fact that for the first time, one of my siblings has left the nest and is existing as an individual. A black individual of age, swimming in a sea of both subtle and overt racism that could at any given point turn on him and end him, just for being.

It might be the fact that I am once more forced to make decisions about my future when I'm barely old enough to have a past.

In other words, I'm freaking the fuck out.

me, hungover in Copenhagen at Troels' apartment, he's behind the camera

However, I'm dealing with everything, to a great soundtrack too^^ 

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