Life Rant

Lately I've been sucked into the professional world, and it hasn't been very pretty, which has taken time away from this blog.

I was writing for a digital magazine who in the end decided not to publish any of my articles because I  confessed that my interest in Fashion is minimal (non existant even) and that I did not feel comfortable writing about "Top 90s Hairstyles" and "Fashion Week Highlights" (I didn't even know Fashion Week was on!).

The point is that even after I attempted to submit content, trying to push my own feminist agenda and to put an interesting spin on otherwise non engaging content, I simply could not sell out and write about subjects which I find utterly pointless - I think clothing and fashion design is fascinating, I have nothing but respect for the work of designers, however, my issue is with a mass imposed dictation of what is okay to wear, and what is so last season. The concept baffles me, but what baffles me even more is the fact that people actually refer to a surreal magazine who's aim is to push merchandise as a beacon of how to cover their own bodies... I simply cannot be a part of that dictatorship - because in the end, that is what it is. If I'm asked to list the "Top Spring/Summer Trends of 2014", my research is to be made through other articles that have already stated what said trends are, and they usually all descend from some sort of overlord magazine such as Vogue or Nylon. Smaller writers all feed off them, and each other, so the trends aren't really trends, they're just a conversation between two self appointed fashion lords, and the rest of us are just spectators.

Needless to say I got "fired" which is a big word considering I wasn't even getting paid. However, I did not get an email saying so, I simply didn't receive the last group message before publication, but was included in the group message of the published magazine, only to have it rubbed in my face that my articles aren't in there - real world shit. Oh well, I think I'll survive, I'm not sure how much exposure I would have had from my articles, but I am glad that my name will not be associated to the sort of content that makes me cringe/made me cringe when I was assigned to it.

On the side of things where I do get paid, I'm having to chase my employers for payment, so I've decided to simply not show up until they pay me, which on one end is terribly immature, but on the other, is what they deserve. I have to travel one hour in and one hour out to teach a 40 minute class to a group which I was told would be 10 to 11 year old, but is actually 4 to 11 year old, which those of you who teach dance (or anything) will know how difficult it can be. Having to wait around making sure they all get home safely (including having to walk a couple home once) was not part of the deal, yet I ended up doing it, and they still don't think it necessary to pay me on time, so I think what I am doing is completely justified.

There is a bright side to the professional life, and literally so, as the weather is warming up in this region, more dance gigs are coming in, and therefore I'm doing shows and video shoots and it's all lovely and exciting, and what I actually enjoy doing for work, so despite unpleasant experiences, dancing has been good to me, and I have been good to it^^ I'm also still enjoying posing for life drawing classes and individual painters, which not only pays well, but has helped me greatly with self esteem and learning how to feel comfortable in my skin. So, in short, I'm okay :D

For those of you who miss my face as much as my writing, here is a selfie with my cat that I took before I had to give him away.

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