I've been expanding my writing horizons by using my leave of absence at university to get some writing experience for my portfolio and CV, which is why I have not been as consistent with the blog posts. However, things are starting to settle and I'll soon be able to have a timetable that makes more sense. I have also found work as a dance tutor for primary schools and as a life model. I'm spending my gap semester doing what I love most, dancing and writing. I hope that lasts.

These are the websites I'm writing for, look out for my posts (:

OFF THE HOOK - I'm having to learn about fashion for this one, but any writing experience is experience, and though I don't understand the fashion industry and its standards, I'm trying to sneak in my feminist values every chance I get, as well as being a culture contributor to the site blog every Wednesday.

Makerble - Charity facilitation website, it's designed to provide people with the ability to donate to charities based on their interests and income. I am a "lifestyle" writer for it, whatever that means ;)

On one hand, I'm ecstatic that people take me on board with so many projects, but on the other, I didn't expect so many things to do at once in such a short amount of time, so I have been struggling to keep up with it all, even though needing a break was part of the reason I went into leave of absence in the first place. It's a process, and I know I'll get there eventually, specially since I have the support of all my friends and family, who are nothing short of extraordinary.

Thank you for all the support with the blog so far, its really fun/interesting to write knowing a number of you will definitely read, much appreciated^^ I leave you with a photo of a painting from the life drawing class I model for.

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