New Year Resolution

I was browsing through some items in one of those hip gift shops - the ones that sell things like glitter candles, erotic games and ironic keychains. An interesting nail file caught my eye. Perhaps it was the bright coloring, or the fact that I had never seen words actually printed on a nail file before. It wasn't your average nail file either, this one had 6 sides to it.

Translated from French, the six sides were labelled as follows:
1. Shorten
2. Smoothen
3. Adjust
4. Clean
5. Smoothen (yes, again)
6. Polish

My first reaction was "holy shit that is so practical", until the deconstructing side of me kicked in and thought "holy shit they almost tricked me into buying this". Ladies and gentlemen, apparently your nails are too long, too rough, maladjusted, dirty, too rough, and not well polished enough. New Year Resolution: Let my deconstruting side take over and refuse to be tricked into thinking an item is practical when in reality it is just a useless money making accessory that I'd end up using only one side of anyway because what does having maladjusted nails even mean. I'm already familiar with the dynamics of the industry, not reserved to accessories but also applicable to clothing, magazines, pharmaceuticals and practically everything nowadays: Make up an issue, tell you you have it, and sell you the solution. The problem is that I am so used to it that my first reaction is to actually believe I have a use for what they are selling, and to swoon at the idea of paying only 2 euros for it. No more, this year I will try to see past this and make better use of my money.

Happy New Year everyone, keep up the feminism, we're going places ;)

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