"Slutty" Costumes

Perceived Issue: "Costumes for women are so slutty"

The Real Issue:
  • The fact that clothing is referred to as slutty - the term slut is linked to the amount of sexual partners a person has (had). A person's clothing is in no way a reflection of their sex life.
  • When the same costume is marketed differently at men and women, the women's usually being more revealing 

  • When there is no "non sexy" options for women or no "sexy" ones for men
The Ideal To Push For: To have sexy/non sexy costume options for both men and women, and for people to stop judging others based on which one they choose :D

Rabbit costume/Sexy Rabbit costume
Sexy Rabbit costume/Rabbit costume

And for the record, these would be slutty rabbits (and I mean it in the best of ways ;D)

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