Internet Comment Rage

Yes, I'm angry.

There's this shit on a random stand up comedy video.
So this is what the latest bots are promoting... geezus.

Then this reply to my comment about rape on a CNN article

And finally, this piece of work on a video on how to approach a girl who is sitting down (what the fuck.)

alice Dupont: Dear sir, have you taken into account that the MAJORITY of girls are sick, sick! of getting flirted with on the street? Imagine, if every time you went out, a dozen of girls pestered you? It's this simple: Machismo based on the "male" who thinks a woman is an object with a user's manual, and all it takes is certain "techniques" to be able to jump her (which is the ultimate goal).

Nicolas Dolteau (the poster and star of the video): I'm not responsible if you are surrounded by assholes. Change neighborhoods, city, instead of complaining here. Understand me, Alice, I'm not making video for those annoying men you're meeting, and even then, if it can help them in gaining lightness and to understand when it's time to set sail, you'll be the first to take advantage of it.

He actually thinks* he's doing us a favor.
This is why I need feminism.

*he knows he isn't, he's just pretending he thinks so to come off as a nice guy for the sake of his own fucking egotistical selfish misogynistic self.

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