Young Girls and Celebrity Crushes

As in my previous post I addressed issues with the perception of young boys' approach to sexuality, I decided to this time focus on their female counterparts.

Why do people still care if young girls have platonic crushes on teenage heartthrobs (the likes of Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, any boy band member, etc..)

Why do people care about their musical tastes? Why do people care about their preferences enough to constantly put them down as being girly and idiotic?

Young girls are exposed to the objectification of women by mainstream media enough, to then have to be ripped to shreds for professing their harmless crushes on teen male celebrities - and worse, being constantly reminded that "girly" is actually used as an insult.

There is nothing wrong with girly, yet the message being sent out to girls is that girly=stupid. We then create a division between "girly" girls and girls who reject all that is "girly" trying to detach themselves from the label, actively rejecting all the other girly girls - the early stages of woman on woman hate, which leads to sayings such as "I'm not like the other girls" or "I don't like hanging out with girls, too much drama" - when they themselves are girls - are they suggesting that if they were someone else they wouldn't hangout with their own self? No, they just seek reassurance in the opposite sex that they are cool despite their horrible curse of having been born with a vagina.

A celebrity crush is a safe space to develop one's self sexually - through daydreams and ideas where one does not risk being pressured into anything they don't want to do. At a young age, they receive very little information about relationships, and tend to look for it in images on television and in film. These images tend to slutshame girls who "give it up to easy" and mock the ones who don't give it up at all, labelling them "frigid". Trying to juggle those two ideas while dealing with peer pressure is draining and unhealthy. Making space in one's life dedicated to daydreams and fantasies which revolve around sexuality (out of reach from anyone outside of their own self) is beneficial to them - on top of the sense of safety and community that being in a fanbase can bring.

So kudos to all the young girls out there who keep true to their fandom no matter what other people have to say about it - they know they are not shaped by their crushes, and they care very little for people's hateful prejudice.

This post is dedicated to my cousin - a die hard Belieber (and I'm proud of her for it!)

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