A man and a woman could never be treated the same, as biologically, we are inherently different. However, the purpose of feminism is to achieve gender equity, not equality. The definition of feminism does contain the term equality in it, and that is where one of the many stereotypes roots from (in my humblebee opinion).

Equity - The state, quality or ideal of being just, impartial and fair.
SO takes differences into account - Giving a man and a woman a load equal in proportion to their own strength.

Equality - The state of being equal.
SO doesn't take differences into account - Giving a man and a woman the same load to carry when a man is biologically stronger than a woman.*

*Not all men are equal in strength, neither are they all stronger than their female counterparts, it's just an example.

Feminism (redefined^^) - The movement which aims for gender equity in political, social, and economic matters.

Feminism is NOT
  • Lesbianism - Female homosexuality (although there are lesbian feminists)
  • Misandry - the hatred of men (although you might get feminists who do hate men, but that is a reflection of their person, not the movement they identify with)
  • Femitheism - This http://femitheistreborn.blogspot.co.uk/. O_O
  • Femin (women) + ism (doctrine) = doctrine of women - People often dismiss the relevance of the entire movement based on the fact that they don't like the name. It's like deciding you don't like chocolate because you don't like the word chocolate and it doesn't include chocolate biscuits, even though it does. Sort of. So here is the story:
    • Feminism was a term coined during a time when women had close to no voice, and therefore the focus was on bringing women's issues to a table which was previously reserved solely to men. Goals have shifted, the movement has evolved with it's time, and it's about time people started to see it's relevance in the 2013 context, and focus on the substance of the movement rather than the substance of the name. Nobody seems to mind that BLACK is used as a blanket term (here in the UK) to refer to ALL ethnic minorities, because even though the name refers only to one, the movement caters to all ethnic minorities.
So keep an open mind when reading about feminism and equality, it has just become a blanket term under which equity is included. The struggle itself acknowledges the differences between men and women (real differences, not social constructs and "ideals").

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