Hypocrisy of feminism bashers

One thing that sparked my will to write about feminism is a recurring argument against the movement which I often come across.

"What about men's rights? What about domestic abuse on men? What about women raping men? Why does feminism not talk about that?"

  1. Feminists do talk about these issues, but unfortunately:
    1. As we are not topless when discussing them, we get less attention than let's say, FEMEN*(I will probably write about FEMEN in a later article)
    2. Feminism tends to make it's apearance in mainstream media following an unfortunate even which causes international uproar - eg, rape in India, online bullying, gay bashing, etc - So when discussions open up internationally about feminist issues, they revolve around the news story in the spotlight, and therefore can't cover every single gender issue.
  2. The reason why domestic abuse/rape on men is grossly under reported (even more so than it is under reported in general for women) is due to the fact that men are encouraged to keep to themselves and put on this image of big tough macho (by society), and that discussing anything that would make them vulnerable is undesirable, and this is due to SEXISM, which feminism is completely AGAINST.
More importantly, I attribute the name of this post to the fact that most of the men who I have heard these comments from don't actually care about domestic abuse on men, and often don't believe a woman could rape a man. They are using these arguments only to belittle feminism and its cause, which I find highly offensive, as they are using the suffering of these men in an infantile manner purely for counter-argument sake, and this trivialization is dangerous.

Also, just need to get this off my chest - There is NO such thing as "reverse sexism", or "reverse racism". These terms are not gender/ethnic specific. Any form of gender discrimination is sexist. Any form of ethnic discrimination is racist.

* FEMEN are a sextremist group, which claim to be feminist, though are disagreed with by most adherents to the feminist movement, as their style of feminism is racist and oppressive (in my opinion) - http://femen.org/en

This post lacks color so heeeeeereeeeeee :D

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