FEMEN: The Danger of Sextremism / Radical Feminism

Fearless... and topless: Femen activists to bring "sextremism" to the UK - The Guardian

***Feminism =/= Sextremism***

This is from their website:
FEMEN: FEMEN - is a global women's movement
FEMEN - is the name of the scandal famous organization of topless women activists, who defend with their breast sexual and social equality in the world.
Activists of FEMEN - are morally and physically fit soldiers, who every day make civil actions of the high degree of difficulty and provocativity. FEMEN is the founder of a new wave of feminism of the third millennium and has followers all over the world. The symbol of the organization - a wreath of flowers that adorns the head of bold women on all five continents.

FEMEN - is the name of the new woman
FEMEN - is the new Amazons, capable to undermine the foundations of the patriarchal world by their intellect, sex, agility, make disorder, bring neurosis and panic to the men's world. FEMEN – is the ability to feel the problems of the world, beat it with the naked truth and bare nerve. FEMEN – is a hot boobs, a cool head and clean hands. Be FEMEN - means to mobilize every cell of your body on a relentless struggle against centuries of slavery of women!
FEMEN – is an ideology of SEXTREMISM.
FEMEN - is a new ideology of the women's sexual protest presented by extreme topless campaigns of direct action . FEMEN – is sextremism serving to protect women's rights, democracy watchdogs attacking patriarchy, in all its forms: the dictatorship, the church, the sex industry.
The magic of the body get your interested, the courage of the act make you want to riot.
Come out, Go topless and Win!
Femen have been in the news quite often in recent times, and I'm pretty sure it is due to not only their extreme and loud tactics, but also to their visually pleasing appearance, which sells news. I will not go deep into explaining everything I find problematic with Femen, as it would not only take too long, but it is also unnecessary. Here are my main concerns:
  1. They employ aggressive/violent techniques and imagery
  2. They are racist and non inclusive - see their relationship with Islam
  3. They adhere to the conventional standards of beauty and are non inclusive of different body types
  4. Their disruptive style has gained such notoriety that they are seen as a nuissance nowadays rather than a genuine movement, and therefore taint the entire feminist label
There is also talk about Femen being a front/stunt by Ukrainian polititians, and the different priviledged white middle aged men who fund their cause. Though I do not know how accurate this is, it would make perfect sense.

Having said all of the above, some credit must be given to them for bringing issues of sex trafficking (among others) into the international spotlight.

Though feminism and sextremism are not mutually exclusive, social/liberal feminists tend to disagree with Femen, mainly for the reasons I have stated above. They are a radical subtype with very few mainstream feminist sympathisers.

One last key thing
***Topless protesting =/= Sextremism***

There are many topless peaceful protests worldwide each year, and their causes should not be tainted by the actions of Femen. Femen stand on their own, however, they have taken over due to their looks and modus operandi, as I can see by googling about peaceful topless protests which I have come across in the past, and being instead flooded with Femen news... *sigh*

[Translation: The difference between a protest which goes unnoticed // And one which takes over front pages]

To end on a positive note, here are links to some peaceful topless activist websites who focus on equal right for men and women :D

Fear not the female nipple ;D

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